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Huh. I thought I had misclicked something when I did my now-usual "show new replies to your posts" checkup, and FIVE PAGES of threads suddenly showed up.

Then I realized RPF had been re-activated -- though I was worried that this had happened by accident. ;)

Still: "not too much fun" shall be noted! I, for one, personally promise that no books I post here shall be too much fun.  ^-^


--- Quote from: JasonPratt on June 07, 2019, 08:09:43 PM ---^^ I lol'd waaay too hard at that.

--- End quote ---

I'm always funniest when I'm either drunk or half asleep. I think that most of the times I've made my wife hurt her stomach laughing is when she's getting up for work (earlier than me), and we talk/cuddle for a couple of minutes before she starts her day and I go back to sleep.

Awwwww!  :smitten:



...and now the jokes about what could be said so early in the morning to make her laugh that hard will begin.  :hide:


I...I did not expect that kind of info in the newly open R&P.


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