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Magic the Gathering...the movie?


There's no denying that part of the fun of playing MtG was all the flavor text on the cards.  There was a wealth of history, quotes and over all gaming goodness on them.  Now, it looks like Fox is putting in motion a plan to bring Dominaria to the silver screen.  They have tapped one of the screenwriters from Game of Thrones to script it.  There doesn't appear to be a rush job on production, but, knowing this is coming down the line makes me itch to take my cards out and duel!

No.  Just no. 

I love D&D, but it should not have been turned into a movie -- and neither should this. 

Oh, I don't know.  As long as they don't bring a card playing aspect in to the story, there is enough flavor text on those cards to carry several movies.


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