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Casey Kasem dead at 82

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Sounds like he was in pretty bad shape his last weeks/months, so I'm glad that at least his suffering is over.  Still, he was a voice I grew up with; he'll be missed.  RIP, Mr. Kasem. 

RIP... :(

Many was the Sunday night that I laid in bed listening to American Top 40.  I soon put two and two together and got Shaggy.  And Robin.  The man had a great voice and a positive energy that couldn't be beat.

A countdown from 10 to 1 of things you might not know about Casey Kasem.

Dr. Demento was better.

Casey was the voice of Sunday afternoons back in Germany in the mid-80s, as American Top 40 was religious listening for us.  I still have tapes of songs off the radio back then, including most of the end-of-year countdowns for '84 and '85.  He was required listening then, and I hated when he turned it over to someone else.


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