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Wheel of Time coming in November

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A lot more info and pictures here than I've seen anywhere else so far.

My quick takeaway from reading it is that it will probably be great. May be a bit too Woke for my taste but I'm excited and will give it a fair shake. One annoyance is that it appears to be a vanity project of Jeff Bezos. I'd call him an arrogant billionaire with something to prove but my love of the books makes me hope that it's awesome. The show runner started reading the books when he was eleven and is extremely motivated to make it work. Routine 100 hour weeks??!!  :wow:


Dammit Carl!:
Really tried to get into this series, but just couldn't after 4 or 5 books.  Just wasn't my thing.

Having said that, perhaps a TV version of things is what I need in order to really enjoy it.

^^ Four or five books is definitely the high point for a while (though some people like Book 6 best), until the final three or arguably four. Lots of plot decompression in the middle, to ridiculous extents.

Plot decompression isn't a problem in the TV series so far. ;)

I have comments on Ep 1 coming. Soonish.

Good seeing you, Jason!  Wher have you been?

Not sick, don't worry; but not doing anything interesting, either. ;)

Mostly just trying to help the new owner of my family's small factory keep going, after two new production managers needed to quit for family issues. (They had good reasons, but very inconvenient for us.)

Leaves me exhausted most days, and a lot of my former posting here was doing at work in between things, which I can't do anymore. Not likely to improve for some months yet, but with WoT having been released at last, I thought I should chime in on it sooner rather than later!  O:-)


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