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Title: Monster Hunter
Post by: Yskonyn on July 19, 2016, 05:54:37 AM
I am a fan of the Monster Hunter games and with the newest title just released I figured I should see if Grogheads are Hunters as well!

I started with MH Tri on the Wii, but found the Controls rather awkward without a normal controller available.
Then the series moved to Wii U and 3DS with Tri Ultimate and now is a 3DS exclusive with MH4U and the newly released MH Generations.

This new title seems like a mix of mostly old favorites and a few added new game mechanics.
From 4U the games have full multiplayer support over the net which is where the games truely shine.

For those that are unfamiliar with the franchise:

You play as a character wielding one of 14 different types of weapons (you start with starter versions of all types and are not locked into a given type at any time).
You then go on Hunts to gather resources with which you can craft items like potions, ammo, fishing rods, pick axes, etc or you Hunt various (boss) creatures to farm creature Materials for Crafting and upgrading of weapons and Armor.
The main game cycle is to Hunt to facilitate these upgrades (which result in other weapon and Armor trees to open up) to become stronger and open rarer resources.

The character grows in power by upgrading weapons and armor in a neverending cycle of Hunt, gather , mine, carve, slay and craft .

Its a pretty Zen game at times, hanging back for some easy gathering runs, while preparing a gear set to take on a specific boss monster.

The is a Discord channel to quickly get in touch with other Hunters: (24hrs)

My 3DS friend code: 3738-0601-9543