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Title: Iwata TRN1 Advice
Post by: JudgeDredd on October 05, 2017, 11:09:50 AM
The Iwata TRN1 comes with the 3.5 needle and all the bits that go with that needle.

However, on the instructions, I saw that the a .5mm needle, .5mm nozzle and .5mm nozzle cap were listed as OPT (optional) for the I bought them because I have terrible trouble trying to get Stynylrez primer to spray through the 0.35mm needle.

So I bought the parts...but the nozzle cap doesn't fit onto the Head Base I have with the TRN1. The 5B Head Base which has a X under the TRN1 suggesting it's not available for the TRN1 ... M_REV4.pdf

So I'm somewhat confused. On the one hand the manual suggests that with the parts N1404, N0804 and N0754 you can turn the TRN1 into a 0.5mm needle airbrush. However the fact that the Head Base N1354 is exclusively for the TRN2 (and appears to be required to fit the N1404 Nozzle Cap onto), it seems I've just wasted buying those parts.

Does anyone have an Iwata TRN1? Has anyone converted it to the 0.5mm needle? Have I read those instructions wrong?

Thanks as always.
Title: Re: Iwata TRN1 Advice
Post by: JudgeDredd on October 06, 2017, 12:04:04 AM
I've just noticed, on the website that I had to order a different Head Base...I have now done so.

So I'll soon have a nice big .5 needle to blow Stynylrez through
Title: Re: Iwata TRN1 Advice
Post by: acctingman on October 09, 2017, 07:39:14 AM
I have this airbrush JD, but only use a .35m needle. I'm using Vallejo paints. The ONLY issue I have is that acrylics dry damn near instantaneously. I have to thin the regular bottles to a damn near 60/40 (thinner to paint) ratio.

I had a boat load of the regular model color paints but recently bought into their "model air" line. Very little thinner is used. They are nice paints, but they dry so damn fast and I'm cleaning my brush damn near every use. Not a big issue as it's easy to clean (and I'm usually watching a youtube video while cleaning.....couple of modeling channels I like).

I'm going to use up what I have, but I'm going to be switching paints soon. Thinking of trying the new Mission Model paints. They are getting rave reviews and my local shop just started carrying them. They are a little pricey but much larger than the Vallejo bottles.