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Re: November FRIDAY!
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Right answer! O0

Red eyes in the dark is always a viable reason to piss yourself.
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Re: November FRIDAY!
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Deity Empires.
Hog hunting
Brisket smoking

Is the Hog Hunting just for extermination?  In most of the USA the heat is high and it will be harder to butcher the meat safely for the table.

For the city folk among us, hogs are one of the worst crop destroyers in the USA.  Every game warden talk I've ever heard contained two lines: take kids hunting and shoot every wild hog you see.
Yes. Between the loss of my quail and turkeys and equipment destruction, I cannot stand the critters. If we get a little piggy we'll cook it. Otherwise, to quote Darloks, Exterminate, Exterminate, Exterminate.

A losing battle.....

If your State allows it, I would start baiting a field for a couple of weeks just after dawn.  Then I'd get buddies with AR-15s with 30 round mags and set up an ambush over fresh bait placed at dawn.  Four guys on a line should be able to nail an entire sounder over bait.

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Re: November FRIDAY!
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Well I am off just for Saturday but work a short-ish shift on Sunday (home by noon)

I have been inspired in a big way thanks to watching Kruggsmash's Dwarf Fortress series, he concluded an epic one recently (Honeystoker). So with that, I decided to delve into it.  If anyone can inspire anyone to play DF, it is Kruggsmash.
So my agenda is:

Dwarf Fortress-  Fortress Cerolsodel "Lensshield" It is now winter. The dwarves are doing okay considering in the spring of 125, they lost a member who fell through the floor. (my fault in understanding the concept of channeling into the ground) but we had a successful trade, the dining hall has been successfully dug out, a trade with the mountain homes went well, so we're okay. Aside from the pesky buzzard.  Bedrooms are next, as is a non-specific temple (permits worship of any god) and kitchen.  Spring 126,  goal is to build a palisade. to protect the woods around the entrance.

Update: Ugh. I had a trader go insane, he got "put down." by a Woodcrafter. So everyone is in shock, tried to get the poor guy buried. That didn't work at all. So while I was digging a place to dump him in, the fort got attacked by a wererabbit (I am NOT kidding) and he took down a few dwarves but a few put the wererabbit down, or so we thought...then someone turned into a wererabbit...Oh did I mention we DID NOT have any squads to deal with this?

OUCH.  New fort.

Will be be looking at the Steam Sale.

I'm not sure what I plan on getting. Scythe does sound interesting.  Ultimate General - Civil War or Gettysburg, I dunno really but it is payday.
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Re: November FRIDAY!
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Ive tried digging into DF about three times now but it still eludes me.
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Re: November FRIDAY!
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I love the dev's release date note on their Steam page: "Planned Release Date: time is subjective".

In other news, DF now has a Steam edition in the works!
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