Author Topic: Race to the South Pole: Terra Incognito - Antarctica 1911  (Read 48 times)

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The game is about racing to the South Pole, it looks really good and only a few quid to buy.

It is an interesting subject matter from the creators of Afganistan '11 and Vietnam '65.

This subject matter interested me after visiting the polar exploration museum in Norway.

You can see the polar exploration ships the Fram and Gja, and allowed to climb all over and inside them.

It was the space race of its time, competing personalities and nations for prestige and career advancement.

The book Scott and Amundsen authored by Roland Huntford tells the story.

I've heard of Scott and his exploits, but Huntford describes their story best as 'strips away the myth of Scott of the Antarctic, a man who wanted to be a hero, in contrast to this rival Admundsen, who merely wanted to get to the pole.'