Author Topic: Destroyer The UBoat Hunter - Steam Game- Command a convoy escorts in battle  (Read 1209 times)

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Hey Admiral, thanks for the reply... great stuff... informative as usual. I'd like to add that in spite of the mildly ahistorical concept of Fletchers combating U-Boats, I'm really looking forward to this game. Anything that models a Fletcher is right near the top of my mental wish list. I must admit that I'm a bit concerned with the pick action A or B in an interactive movie game play but I'll just wait hopefully until the game is released.

Drifting a little bit off topic... When I think off WW2 naval action the image of Carriers, Subs and Destroyers jumps to the fore. With Subs, the boats that come to mind have names like Wahoo, Flasher, Tang and the rest of the USN fleet boats (a bit of a contrast to many of you who seem to be more interested in U-Boats and the Battle of the Atlantic) and my image of a destroyer is a Fletcher with a bone in her teeth driving forward to attack a Battleship. If that seems idiotic to you, you might explore the story of Taffy 3 and the Battle off Samar.
or video

To say that this was THE example of "Tin Can Sailors" at their finest is a massive understatement.

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Always a pleasure!

It's fine but in effect Samar is one illustration that is more an exception than anything. The only comparable action I could think of was in the MTO, and Glorious for the lack of planes doesn't even qualify. Same with sub/air naval combat interaction - Nautilus' action at Midway being the single most famous example perhaps.

Otherwise the three aspects (aka surface, sub & air combat) of naval warfare very, very scarcely interacted with each other within the same action/engagement. And the three of them I dare say never ever did. Doesn't mean they didn't over the course of several days of course, like in Midway - but that's something else entirely.

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Today's Flare Path has me much more interested.

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It all sounds very interesting, but it also sounds kind of like one of those play-it-once games.
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