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There's no thread on this yet?? (If so, certainly merge or point, thx!)

So, lots of us liked Aggressors: Ancient Wars released two years ago now (aahhh the age it burrrnnns!), which had the fortune or misfortune of landing at the same time as two other Roman Republic titles: Paradox's Imperator, and another Matrix title Field of Glory: Empires. (The latter of which I'm still playing today, btw. I mean literally today, in multiplayer. And occasionally in sp.)

Aggy is of a Civ-hex design focused on the period of the rise of Rome. I had some problems with some of its design quirks, but generally I liked it, especially for its (Civ-typical) random map generator. That said, I only played 7 hours according to Steam. (That said, I've played much less of Imperator, so...)

Imperiums goes back to pick up the rise of the Greek states; which come to think of it is also the topic of the recent DLC for FoG:Emp. It includes a bunch of polish and improvements, and is getting good early Steam reviews since its release two days ago. Arguably the biggest upgrade is the new capability for multiplayer, both hot-seat local and remote. (And mixed!)

It lists on Steam for $30, but you can get a 20% discount if you already own Aggressors, and if you buy directly from the dev's site. (They aren't distributing through Matrix-litherine this time.) This is how I picked it up.


1.) Install Aggressors (probably through Steam not Matrix directly, for reasons I'll mention in a minute. It's not on sale, btw, and also lists as $30.)
2.) Run Aggressors.
3.) On the main page, at the bottom, should be a new hyperlink tag for buying Imperiums at 20% off. Clicking that will open their website in your standard browser. (This is why I suspect it might not work from a Matrix direct download; I don't know that they're updating Aggressors anymore, or if they're allowing an update for advertising their developer jumping ship. ;) )
4.) The web page uses a Humble Bundle widget for selling the game at a discount, which will generate a Steam link at HB when you're done. You don't have to register at HB, but you'll have to give an email address for HB to send your activation link. You'll also have to decide whether you want to risk your credit card info or Paypal for the payment method. ;) (I went with Paypal and didn't see anything suspicious.)
5.) Once you complete the transaction, HB emails your activation link. Go to your email and find that email.
6.) Click on the activation link from within the email.
7.) This takes you to a HB where after a few seconds a button will generate for redeeming your Steam code.
8.) Click that button and get your Steam code. I recommend copy-pasting it somewhere, because I'm unsure if you can get back here later!

If you already know how to activate a product on Steam, just do that with this code. If not...

9.) Login to Steam, and click "add a game" in the bottom left corner.
10.) From the little menu that pops up, click the middle option "Activate a Product On Steam".
11.) Steam will give you another new window telling you what's happening. Click next; then I agree. Type or copy-paste the code into the next window. Make sure you didn't include any spaces. Click next.

That should activate your code in Steam, and give you some options for installing it now or just finishing.
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Really enjoying it highly recommend!

Here is a very nice review!

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For whatever reason - matrix/slitherine did not distribute this one.

I loved Aggressors and wrote a very long review/strategy guide.  It is a very fun 4x combat oriented game.  The historical game was so tilted towards Rome that Rome would always win if you took that side.

I put it on my wishlist.  I'll probably get around to this one eventually.
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