Author Topic: July 1941: Hypothetical Dash to Bardia  (Read 149 times)

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July 1941: Hypothetical Dash to Bardia
« on: April 07, 2021, 08:29:02 AM »

  Elaborating this deviant campaign -- here we have Rommel with all of his tanks setting out to relieve Bardia and retake some border positions.  This sort of resembles Rommel's historical "Dash to the Wire" during Crusader in November 1941 except that Rommel has all his tanks (21 Pz, Recam, 15 PZ and Ariete) and the Imperialists have all their armored Brigades but no US Stuarts.  It will be a win (again since they held Bardia last time) if the Imperialists don't hold all Victory hexes and Bardia in 10 days.  Historically, the Dash to the wire went badly for Rommel so let's hope he does better this time.  Here's a photo of the spearhead of the Axis forces facing the New Zealand division and the 7th armored before anyone moves on day 1: