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Battlefield: 2042
« on: November 19, 2021, 11:19:00 PM »
Do not spend your money on it. I'll leave my reddit post CP'd here.

Being a Dev myself (contractor) with a focus in texturing/MDL's, I'm all too familiar with the problems related to formula deviation and the 'boss syndrome'. I've also witnessed leads and studio heads innovate on a formula whilst still remaining true to the predecessors roots. But boy-oh-boy is it evident that the boss syndrome is in full effect with regards to 2042, like big time.

Bugs, broken components, anims, performance issues etc, these can and will be fixed. They almost always are. 2042's biggest issue is the departure from the Battlefield norm and a movement in the direction favoring their current and potential future competition.

• Team-play is an afterthought or downright nonexistent thanks to current systems or lack thereof.

• The elimination of roles/classes in favor of an overtly simplistic Specialist tier is the epitome of streamlining laziness, not to mention it reeks of clone stamping.

• The maps are obnoxiously large simply for the sake of them being that way. They weren't envisioned or planned or designed to be immersive. They created these huge maps just so they could advertise how big they are.

Feature examples like the above are what made Battlefield, well, Battlefield. What made it so engaging is either gone or so dumbed-down that they might as well have not been included in the first place. The lack of these aforementioned features and other core components from previous titles are intentional design choices and are as much pragmatic as they are conceptual. This was all done on purpose and is integral to their design philosophy for for this title. Never forget that. They don't ultimately care about your opinions or concerns, not really. This game was designed to be exactly the way it is and nothing anyone says is going to change that, no matter how much you complain or how many surveys you take part it in. People need to come to grips with the new (Battlefield) reality. So either enjoy it for what it is or move on.

In closing I will say this...

Don't harass, threaten or belittle the developers. Game studios are not your friends and developers are not their studio. Food for thought.

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Re: Battlefield: 2042
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2021, 01:58:26 AM »
Well this guy obviously has a tab to settle.

I personally don’t get the yammering about specilialists.
They only get used in the arguments to make the point that people are unable to gauge what their teammates’ soldier is configured for and that results in a problem with rounding out a squad efficiently (mostly with randoms).
But its not a problem of Specialists at all; previous battlefields had countless clones running around as well because the class soldier model is the same for everyone (a commonly seen complaint in 2042 about specialists).

The problem here is that the UI doesn’t tell the player any relevant information about your squadmates. A simple throwback to a HUD with icons showing what gear people have equipped would fix this.
Specilialists ultimately don’t alter the flow of the game very much.

The maps are indeed large, but its also what BF has always been about. Small confined maps are CoD style. But people often forget you can call in vehicle drops (I have this issue) and instead trot around the whole map. We need to adapt. It doesnt make the game bad.

Yes there are bugs. Some quite frustrating. Yes several guns are pretty useless atm. But these are issues all BF’s have had. Tweaking will come. Besides its no different then whatever state new games come released these days.

I am the opposite: our BF group stopped after BF1, skipped BFV and are now back in 2042 which gives us our classic BF feel back.
I am having a blast in this game and so is our group. And it will become even better over time.

And all this talk focusses around All Out Warfare on the new maps. But nowhere in the discussion you find that we ALSO have Portal. A true BF sandbox where people can make their own awesomesauce or experience past BF experiences (albeit slightly altered)! The whole package is freakin awesome , but noooo lets just focus on our own little nitpicks and out of context whining.

Typical internet thing of hate going on again. Quite sad really.

BTW I am not taking shots at you personally DetCord, nor at the guy who’s been quoted. I am sure on a corporate level there is all kinds of wrong. There has been enough evidence of this at several studios for a long time now. I just don’t support many of the links people seem to make in condemning the game itself.

As you say, the devs themselves should be respected and from all the interviews I have seen these guys breathe Battlefield. They truely worked on their ‘loveletter to BF fans’ and I personally think it shows.
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Re: Battlefield: 2042
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2021, 02:44:26 AM »
I don't know, I wouldn't rush to assume that any negative feedback is just "typical internet hate."  Below is an extensive list of all the features removed from 2042 compared to the previous titles.  They seem to be shifting more towards an APEX style game than a classic Battlefield game.  Also, from what I've seen on YouTube, the specialist quotes at the end of matches are just plain cheesy and clash horridly with the overall tone of the game.


Missing Core Features
> No standard server browser
> Fewer standardized game modes
> Fewer base game maps than any other title (even including portal the map count is only 13)
> No persistent lobbies You have to matchmake after EVERY round
> Fewer in-game assignments None outside of cosmetic unlocks
> Less character customization options (than BF5)
> No profile progress/stats page in the menu
> No battle log/stats tracker for other players
> No global leaderboards
> No end of round assignment progress screen
> No custom emblems
> Fewer achievements
> No medals
> No swelling crescendo of dramatic music near the end of a match. Static Noise does not count
> Less destruction
> Only a small handful of destructible buildings on each map
> No map altering levolution
> No spectator mode
> No permanent community servers (would be useful for clans and events)

Missing from Infantry Gameplay
> Fewer guns Even including all the portal guns, BF4 still had more at launch
> Fewer infantry gadgets
> No manual leaning
> No diving while swimming
> No high wall vaulting
> No crouch sprinting
> No backwards prone
> No explosion knockback
> No rolling after falling from heights
> No ammo or health pickup off teammates
> No scope zeroing
> No thermal optics
> No indirect fire gadgets
> Less anti-tank launchers
> No lock-on launchers The M5 works with the SOFLAM but that requires 2 people
> No AP mines/claymores
> No static weapon emplacements
> No fortification building
> No resupply stations
> No suppression mechanic This one I don't mind but it was a staple and now it is gone

Missing from Vehicles
> Fewer vehicle types Separate vehicle progression per faction even though they are functionally identical.
> No naval vehicles Except I guess the hovercraft technically
> No vehicle gunner direction indicator
> No lock on direction indicator
> No vehicle enter/exit animations
> No tank turret decoupling This was in BF4
> Less vehicle driver/pilot customization options
> No tank zoom customization options
> No tank gunner customization options
> No helicopter gunner secondary weapons
> No separate helicopter/fixed-wing controls
> No control input while looking behind/free looking in aircraft

Missing from Scoring System
> No squad wipe scoring
> No player damage points
> No vehicle damage points
> No vehicle kill assist points
> No headshot bonus
> No long-range kill bonus
> No assist counts as kill bonus
> No squad objective play bonus
> Oversimplified teamplay scoring (i.e. healing a teammate always gives you +5xp rather than the amount of health you give)
> Squad and Teamwork
> No commander
> No special squad call-in abilities
> No squad field upgrades
> No in-game VOIP
> Fewer factions (with almost nothing to give the 2 factions any distinction)
> No cross-team chat
> No "create new squad" option
> No clans
> No view of squadmates while in the spawn screen
> No "Medic incoming" indicator in downed state
> No rank names/icons, just a number.

Missing from UI and Quality of Life
> Less control customization options
> Less UI customization options
> No HUD/icon opacity customization
> No HUD scaling customization options
> No gunsight reticle customization options
> No network performance graph
> No individual player scoreboard
> Less detail in the 'who killed you' screen
> No ultrawide monitor support. Cannot move UI elements to suit screen size
> Very poor friend joining system

> 45 tick rate servers
> Rubberbanding
> Deploy bugs, revive bugs. Downed state bug that prevents you from being revived if you clip through anything. There times where you have no countdown and cannot respawn
> Janky animations
> Performance is horrible on PC. Unplayable framerates from what looks like CPU bottlenecking
> Unlock three different silencers for the same weapon that have no effect on the stats of the weapon
> Exact same attachment on two different guns having an opposite effect
> Hovercrafts are able to scale vertical surfaces, as well as fly in the right circumstances.
> In rare cases, a player will become unable to damage enemies. This player will also lose their nameplate, causing them to appear as hostile to allies. This is fixed by dying and respawning.
> Broken Bullet Registration
> Broken Bullet Spread
> Broken Weapon Balance
> Broken Vehicle Balance

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Re: Battlefield: 2042
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2021, 04:25:50 AM »
I have put thousands of hours into the Battlefield Series.  I haven’t bought this one and talking to my gamers on Discord.  Some of them hate it, some are lukewarm.  Haven’t heard any “I love it”.  I think they might have left out a lot of the traditional aspects of the series.  Some of the guys dislike the lack of ability to join on other players, actually all of them hate this part.  It needs to be easy, game probably released to soon.

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Re: Battlefield: 2042
« Reply #4 on: November 20, 2021, 10:12:39 AM »
Launch sounds about par for the course.

I’ll play it on a free weekend and probably get my fill for life.

Overall though I pretty much refuse to give retail pricing dollars to most of the AAA publishers anymore. EA, Activision I wait until something is like $5. Same mostly with Ubisoft and Bethesda may be joining that group soon depending on how much MS fucks them up.
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Re: Battlefield: 2042
« Reply #5 on: November 20, 2021, 01:36:46 PM »
For me the Battlefield series has been going downhill since 4. 

Not feeling this one anymore than the last entry.