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Universal wargame Engine Hex & Chit
« on: April 30, 2022, 07:37:55 AM »

Well after people wanted a universal Wargame engine, I decided to convert My AFRIKAKORPS hex and chit wargame into an engine where its possible with no coding a novice can create a hex and chit wargame. BUT I sad BUT its not an easy task , you will have to edit graphics files and have transparancy set in a graphics program, and you will have to provide images for units and leaders etc... fortunatly you can get all you need from , also when putting a unit on the hexboard you will need to add data that fits the engine, like armour value and anti armour, and range, and move points. you can go further and add Movement costs to hexes, once a game is setup you can play it and the engine will do its thing, you can lay walls to box A.I. units into an area, you can lay line of sight blockers so units cant shoot through cliffs.

Its all done for free so can be quirky, and its complicated, but you can if you wanted produce a hex and chit wargame.