Author Topic: Totem Games: 15 years ago we got together for the first time to make THIS  (Read 521 times)

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Dear friends,

Today I want to be with you once again surprised at how quickly time "runs". I was tidying up my files on my computer and accidentally discovered where our journey began 15 years ago.

Back then we were full of optimism and didn't know anything at all about how to make games or write programs. So we decided to do something very simple and we got THIS.

And THIS is still working!

download link

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Happy birthday!
слава Україна!

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Nice! happy anniversary. Seems to me that ships built during the late 1800s had  a certain classy  elegant look thats often lost in b/w photos.

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You're stalwart examples of talented people who refuse to give up - thank you for us all happy few and keep up the fantastic work  :coolsmiley: O0