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need a little help?
« on: September 18, 2022, 08:12:53 AM »

I have just got a host for my game, but I have to get 15 downloads in 30 days or i lose my slot, so would you visit and download? this could be good for my online games when i want to share wargames, its hard for a poor dev to host files online. thanks.

its A Word game, and a numbers game. you can play someone else or play solo, you enter words on the board to try and beat the other player. OR put math Equations in the Math game. generate crossword style layouts to play on, and set how big your tray of letters or numbers are.

What makes this really challenging is having a big tray and trying to get the best out of it, I just cant believe how a tray of 45 letters can change a classic type of game.

The Math Equations is good , create your sums on the board