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Yubi TCG a Trading Card Game By Zoiskiee
« on: September 11, 2017, 11:29:36 AM »
Hello to all, I am Zoiskiee! I have been working on a new trading card game for about an entire year. The process was rough and money flew from my pocket just as quick as it came in. I've been dedicated to this card game and I would like to now present it to the public.

[What is Yubi?]
Yubi The Card Game (Yubi TCG) is a CCG/TCG in which players collect cool monsters to build a completely personalized deck. It is still a work-in-progress and a Kickstarter will be created to help me with my project, at the moment I am trying to build a fanbase. The game is a mixture of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon, so if you've played either of them, then you'd have an easy way out on learning rules for Yubi. Speaking of rules, Yubi TCG's rules are incredibly simplified, allowing even NEW players to get a grip and start playing while allowing advanced players go crazy triggering powerful effects. The game features many different types of cards as listed below:

Your most common type of card. Monsters are used to attack your opponent's monsters or to attack your opponent directly to bring him/her to an end. Below are the various types of monsters in the game:

-Monsters (normal, usually with a description)
-Monsters (effect)
-Xyz (Equis) Monsters
-Fusion Monsters
-Proclaimer Monsters
-Sacrificial Monsters
-Union Monsters

Perk Cards provide benefits and buffs to either you or your monsters.

Trap Cards are used to counter your opponent's move and cause mayhem.

Chain Cards are stackable cards. Each card has 3 different effects and are a mixture of Perk and Trap. These 3 effects are separated into Chains. When 1 copy of a Chain Card is activated, it triggers the first Chain effect. When 2 copies of the same kind of Chain Card are activated, they are stacked and both Chain 1 and Chain 2 effects are activated and so on.

[Learn More]
You can message me on my website or on Instagram for more information. You can check out the links below to learn more of my card game.


Instagram: @Zoiskiee (personal & for the card game)

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Re: Yubi TCG a Trading Card Game By Zoiskiee
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