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Re: What are we reading?
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Finished "Nuremberg Diary" which is a psychologist's account of interviews he conducted during the trials of Nazi leaders.

The biggest howler was this unforgettable quote by the defendant Julius Streicher, who claimed religious profiling could be achieved merely by
gazing at someone's ass....

More significant than Jewish eyes, however, was the Jewish behind, he had discovered. I asked him what was characteristic about the Jewish behind. "Oh, the Jewish behind is not like a Gentile behind," he smirked wisely, apparently rather serious and superior about this. "The Jewish behind is so feminine—so soft and feminine," he said, glowering and virtually drooling as he shaped the Jewish behind in the air with lascivious hands, indicating its softness and
femininity. "—And you can tell from the way it wobbles when they walk.—When I was at Mondorf, I was interrogated by four Jews—I could always tell by their behinds when they left the room, even though the others could not recognize it.