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Question about Combined Operations HQ
« on: September 17, 2013, 01:05:28 PM »
A friend of mine asked me about these guys:

but I don't really know much about them.  My friend is adopted and is now getting in touch with his biological family.  He discovered that his birth grandfather's served in WWII as a radar operator (RCAF).  For part of his wartime service, he worked with US forces in North Africa.  He also wore this patch, hence the interest in the Combined Operations HQ.

My friend's e-mail to me:

I just got 4 of the pictured combined operations badge from my birth grandfather.
 2 are embroidered and 2 are printed on cloth. I think the cloth was worn by RAF servicemen. The other 2 may have been issued when he was with US forces in North Africa.

Going to try and get some more info from him was just wondering  if one of you military friends might know anything. I find it hard to believe a radar operator would have the same badge as a commando. Or that commando badges would be worn at all.

Anyone have any information or insights to share?
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