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Re: Mage Knight Board Game
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Wanted to jump in here for the good folks like me who do not have the table space and want to avoid the long setup/take down times games like this have.

Tabletop Simulator has Mage Knight (and Gloomhaven) for TTS.

I've owned Gloomhaven and played it a couple times. Lovely game, but a PIA to set up and take down. I'm selling it and playing it on TTS. It's glorious!!

I've avoided Gloomhaven for that exact reason.  However, the setup time for Mage Knight isn't bad after I sorted all the token stacks into a plastic hobby box, as mentioned awhile back in this thread. 

I just play them right out of the storage box after shuffling them & putting them back in their given slot at the start.  Been doing that with a lot of my tabletop games.  Hobby Lobby bead boxes for less than $2 apiece, and some inexpensive stacks of the tiny Planos for smaller boxed games has been a great time saving investment.  Just pull it out of the box & pop it open.  Easier to rummage around in than old school counter trays too since the slots are taller & more spacious.