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I Come in Peace - A Last Federation AAR
« on: June 11, 2014, 04:07:44 PM »
Check my bad self! I'm an ass kicking Hydral

And im the last one. Im an ass kicking, back stabbing Hydral

Right, hang on, I am an enlightened lover of peace and harmony, ass kicking, back stabbing Hydral

....oh, and i'm very patient

....wait... Im a peace loving, ass kicking, back stabbing, patient, kleptomaniac Hydral - its got to be all these heads

Man these guys are going to be pissed. They developed space faring tech and i stole their new ship...... suck it Acutians, they wiped out my race

Wow, so, err dont balls this up

The Acutians have found me and have come to get their ship back, or turn it into tiny, hot bits of metal. I have two choices, fight the 4 Acutian ships of doom, or go back to the space dock and say 'Sorry lads, no hard feelings' and pay them money and tech knowledge. Puh!

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Re: I Come in Peace - A Last Federation AAR
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2014, 04:46:24 PM »
Excellent....always wanted to know more about this game.

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Re: I Come in Peace - A Last Federation AAR
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2014, 06:11:16 PM »
Decisions, decisions, head straight in all Leroy Jenkins or try and skirt around the side and pick them off one by one. As soon as i place my hand on the thruster, wait, do i have hands? What do i drive with? Ok, whatever it is I use, when i use it to accelerate, the weapons menu comes up. I have 3 kinds of guns - Mini Gun, Energy Blaster, and Gravity Lance. I want to fire them all but the 'giver of knowledge' tells me that there is a right time for each one, and by hovering over my enemy ill be advised of the appropriate choice.

I also have 'autofire' where the ship will choose its own weapon and target and look after it all for me, or 'choose target', where i get to do all the micromanaging stuff.

Ok, we have we-go space shenannigans, I go and they go. Choose your direction, your weapon, your mode of fire and watch for a few seconds.

Aaaaargh, what are they? Things are coming out of enemy ships! Where are my things, why do i have no 'release the minions' button?

The outgoing orange fire is my mini cannon autoselecting the minions, the orange circle is the range of the guns and the mini gun has the largest. It seems the enemy have some kind of aircraft carrier ability and release fighters at me from a distance. The incoming green, yellow and purple stuff is to make me sad

Right, three flagships (ringed in blue shields) head low and left, leaving me with this guy. My 'console of power' tells me he is an AOC Tyrant, he has over half a million units of shield power and it tells me to shoot him with the energy blaster. I switch off autofire and choose the energy blaster, and plot a course to pass behind him, assuming he moves!

Oooooooooo, passing him we manage to rake the side of the ship and do 158k points of damage to his shields. I take 18k damage to mine as various minions ping off my shield and his friends off screen launch various torpedoes. I plot a new course to come round behind him again

The tight turn slowed us down and took him out of range, as we straighten out he comes back in range and a barrage of green/blue energy bolts head out toward him. His friends return from below - i'm ignoring the minions for now, they dont seem to be causing much damage. I plot another course to come in behind him - I dont think this incurs any penalties or gives any bonuses but im a goddamned spacefaring multi headed Horation Nelson mofo and it seems right.

After 2 passes behind him, he's shields down. The voice of knowledge tells me its time to switch weapons, the gravity lance is the weapon now to take him out. It has the lowest range and we turn to make a head on pass. One of his friends has headed off screen again to launch torpedoes from long range, whilst another hangs around to back him up

He's done - one down 3 to go, the head on pass puts me on a collision course with his buddy, but behind me i see what turns out to be escape pods with enemy pilots in. Oh hell yeah, they're mine now, I switch back to energy blaster, select the closing guy and show him my ass whilst turning back for my booty.

I scoop up the pilots and decimate the incoming ship with the energy blaster, then plot a turn to pass right down his side to shut down the shields

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Re: I Come in Peace - A Last Federation AAR
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2014, 09:18:45 PM »
I feel like I missed the climactic part 7 of that prologue story. Maybe it had something to do with a bloody eagle and being thrown into a snake pit.

Also, CLEARLY YOU ARE USING YOUR HEADS TO PILOT YOUR SHIP! And maybe two tails. And maybe powering it with lightning breath. It depends.
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Re: I Come in Peace - A Last Federation AAR
« Reply #4 on: June 14, 2014, 11:37:56 AM »
Throughout the next few turns we take down the other flagships. Just before this shot the 'voice of the Mysterons' gave me more control of the ship. Up in the top left you'll see orange, blue and yellow slide bars - these allow me to increase and decrease power to the weapons, shields and engines, giving me more firepower, manoueverability and protection at a sacrifice to 2 of the others when needed

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

I manage to collect 24 pilots from the destroyed ships - the annoying thing been is that as soon as the last enemy is vapourised youre whisked away from the battle scene, there was no opportunity to pick up the pilots from the fourth ship - could all be a moot point, i dont know yet if they have any value in the game

The breakdown of my multi-headed tactical genius. As expected the Acutians are not my best friend. and our relationship just got worse.

So then to the meat and bones of the game. The solar map with all my 'victims' laid out. I see no reason not to carry out the advice of the 'voice of ultimate knowledge'. Spacetech to the Skylaxians, Andors or Peltians and then earn more money giving them a hand.............

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Re: I Come in Peace - A Last Federation AAR
« Reply #5 on: June 22, 2014, 06:13:23 AM »
The map - thats me at Bhima, home of the Acutians, the only space faring race, the right hand number of all the other planets is how much time in real game terms before those races reach space faring capability. As you can see the planet to the left has 14 seconds before it becomes capable of space travel, as it turns out it is the Sklyaxians and 'the voice of doom' has suggested i give them the ability as a gift - seems a bit cheeky giving them the secrets of space fourteen seconds before they work it out for themselves but hey, i need the cash

A brief outline of how to deliver the sensitive secret papers, it seems im going to have to sneak into their atmosphere and drop the papers whilst avoiding sensors from other races who will launch minions to try and prevent me

So, wiggle round the sensors and aim for the giant post box in the sky

............almost there

Done, the Skylaxians are space ready, and im 5000 credits richer

This opens up a whole range of diplo actions to earn extra money and cosy upto them some more. I hire a diplomat so i have a representative on the planet and if they need help theyll more than likely come to me

And onto the Peltians, who alse need space faring tech and a race to help according to he 'of the astral voice of advice'

So thats 10000 in the bank and two new friends - they seem to be of the 'friendly' race kind as opposed to the clearly aggressive others further to the north. If im going to draw these races into a new federation i want nice guys not bad ones - and anything i can do to bring about the destruction of the Acutians will also be welcome. Two new friends opens up the research trees..........

so heres a list of things i know about..........

a list of things i dont need to worry about as i dont have a home or a planet, but i can help allies get to help them in the race against others

and the whole massive list of what everyone knows. Here im advised how to hire 'goons' (im thinking Despicable Me minion type fellas) on the black market who will help boost research for me and allies

and a list of all the dastardly deeds i can do know that i have access to research