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Steel Beasts T.A.N.K.S. Multiplayer 21/12/14
« on: December 20, 2014, 06:41:10 AM »
T.A.N.K.S. Multiplayer 21/12/14 Sunday 21:00 GMT

Village Tour 2 modified by Cougar11 for D.O.W.

Mission summary:
Your American armored task group is assigned to capture two enemy-held villages in the region in this multi-stage operation.

Mission Objectives:

- First, spearhead an assault to take the village of Bendasen. Then, you must hold it from enemy counterattacks until friendly forces arrive.

- Once done, lead the survivors of your Team, as well as elements from the NATO reinforcements, to storm Vauxhaulle village and clear it of enemy

Village tour 2

Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders .

The Red Forces are now falling back as NATO continues its counterattack. The enemy is now occupying prepared positions in anticipation of our continued push towards their homeland. Their rear-guard efforts are being hampered by constant harassment of NATO airstrikes and frequent jamming of their communications frequencies.

The villages of Bendasen and Vauxhalle - which are currently being occupied by the enemy, are now the objectives of this operation, code-named "Village Tour".

This operation, aimed in clearing out all Red presence in the region, will be conducted in two phases: The FIRST PHASE will involve a surprise assault on Bendasen; PHASE TWO will be a carry-on attack on the village of Vauxhaulle.

********** PHASE ONE: BENDASEN VILLAGE **********
Elements of the 84th MRR are occupying the village of Bendasen, presumably using it as a staging area for executing rear-guard actions against NATO armored pushes. Preliminary recon shows that the enemy is arranged loosely around and within the village itself. Intel suggests that the seemingly complacent appearance is due to the limited accessibility to the region itself by NATO probes.

 The reason for such behavior is apparent: They are confident that NATO armored units can only enter through a small and narrow land bridge (YELLOW ) spanning the Luchner River. USAF recon flights have confirmed that the larger bridge (RED) just west of Bendasen has deteriorated and had been washed away, making it totally impassable.

Therefore, it is clear that the enemy has the terrain to their advantage.

We assume that enemy scouts are in constant patrol around the area to ensure security. It is expected that once the scouts have detected any presence of NATO units, they would alert the units stationed in the village; it is also likely that they would try to call reinforcements from Vauxhaulle.

The battalion is currently assembling a task force, which includes your Team, to occupy the region. Unfortunately, a significant chunk of this force was split up due to SNAFUs in the road march. Timetables have to be met, however, and it has been decided to press on with the operation, SNAFUs or not.

Your Team will be sent in advance to act as the spearhead of the assault. The main body of the strike force will follow and link up with you (hopefully) shortly after. 

Your Team is at full strength. Force compositions include two platoons of M-1A1s and two platoons of M-2A2s.

A understrength motorized rifle company hold the village of Bendasen. Expect T-72s or T-80s with BMP-2s, as well as dismounted troops.

The recon units are most probably BRDMs, but be aware that they may be of the tank-destroyer variant.

Artillery support is available. You will have access to multiple fire missions of HE and SMOKE arty, and limited ICM strikes are also provided.

Air support is not available. However, for this operation, battalion is pleased to offer you an extensive jamming of the enemy's communications network, thanks to the efforts of the Air Force.

Infiltrate the bridge, eliminate any enemy scouts, then commence a hasty attack on Bendasen Village. Remove all opposition there, and then organize a defense from probes and/or attacks from enemy reinforcements coming from Vauxhaulle.

Once Bendasen is secure, standby for the main body of your strike force that will be arriving in the area momentarily.

Once they have linked up with you, immediately initiate PHASE TWO.

The enemy has been fully denied of any radio communications. Also, the surrounding area is filled with dense woods,  providing ample cover from observation from the village itself. Use these two to your advantage as you approach the first bridge.

It is imperative that you approach the bridge undetected, and all scout units in its vicinity are eliminated before they can retreat back to Bendasen to alert the enemy forces stationed there. Of course, once the Bendasen garrison hears any gunfire, they'll assume that they are under attack. Damned if you will, and damned if you don't.
Simply put, once any unit opens fire, you've blown your cover. Immediately execute an assault on the village once your units clear the bridge before the enemy can organize a defensive perimeter or a counterattack. Stealth, then speed, is the essence to accomplish your objective.   

Tanks are the primary instrument used to clear out enemy armor, but make sure that they are properly supported by your IFVs and artillery. Use SMOKE rounds to screen your advance through the bridge.

NOTE: The bridge itself is extremely narrow. Ensure that your platoons are in a formation that would allow them to cross quickly. Also, see to it that your Team completely passes through before commencing the blitzkrieg!

Once you are in the outskirts of Bendasen, deploy your infantry units accordingly (while your tanks provide covering fire) to mop up dismounted troops that are sure to be in the village itself.

Once you are sure that there are no viable threats in Bendasen, make haste to organize defensive positions against enemy forces from Vauxhaulle.

********** PHASE TWO: VAUXHAULLE VILLAGE **********

The main body of the 84th MRR is stationed in Vauxhaulle. They are relying on their detachment in Bendasen to provide security.

It is assumed that they will send reinforcements to Bendasen if it is under attack. They will also move into defense maneuvers around Vauxhaulle if they determine that the former has fallen into NATO hands.

We expect that your Team has taken and held Bensaden, and will wait for the rest of the main body of the strike force. Once they arrive, you will be reconstituting your force composition, and then immediately commence an assault on Vauxhaulle.

FYI: A mechanized company in M-113s, the Bandaids, and the FIST will attach themselves to the main body, but they are slated to proceed directly to Bendasen to provide as the occupational force , as well as to setup an aid station. They will not participate in Phase Two.

Commence a movement to contact maneuver towards Vauxhaulle. Once enemy forces and positions have been ascertained,  launch a hasty attack to take the town and eliminate all opposition there. 

Once Vauxhaulle has been pacified, standby for further orders.

In addition with your Team, the main body is now available at your disposal. It consists of two platoons of M-1A1s, two platoons of M-2A2s, and two platoons of M-901s.

All assets that were provided in PHASE ONE will also be available.

Expect the rest of the  84th's detachment to be present in Vauxhaulle. 

The enemy will surely be prepared for an attack by this time, thanks to the  havoc you wreaked in Bendasen. The advantage set earlier by radio jamming will now be almost useless; the only thing it will do is provide less coordination of the enemy's defenses.

Movement to contact is the best way to find out enemy positions. Once your recon team have discovered the layout of the enemy defenses, employ your forces and assets accordingly to initiate a hasty attack.  Continue to do so until all opposition has been negated and the village secured.

Access to Vauxhaulle is also via land bridge (GREEN). Similar to the first bridge near Bendasen in its layout, you have to consider that area as the bottleneck that your force has to pass. However, unlike the first bridge in PHASE ONE  - which provided you with some concealment - this one is well sited for the enemy to set up kill zones.  You must cross this bridge while under heavy fire, so do it quickly and efficiently to minimize losses. Employ base of fire and maneuvers tactics; use whatever means of concealment you have; and enforce unit integrity. Remember, if any unit or platoon becomes isolated there, it would surely be slaughtered. Watch out for ambushes and anti-tank teams in the village and in the forests in its vicinity.

Good Luck.

** Notes **
SB Version: 3.011
Mission Name: Village Tour 2
Created by BlackThor 06
Modified by: Cougar11
Single/multi?Single player or COOP 1-20 players
Number players?Recommend 1-20 players
Largest commandbattalion size
Smallest commandvehicle or platoon
Multi-Crew: Possible at CO's discretion
Single Crew: Yes
Mission Duration: 120  mins approx. Note: This is a multifaceted mission which can have a favourable outcome within 90 mins.
Date:  Sunday 21/12/14 
Time: 20:00 GMT
Teamspeak Download (windows):
Teamspeak  IP: , Port 9987
Room: Dogs of War

Player Vehicles:


Leopard 2A5-DK

Leopardo 2E

Challenger 2


If you need Port forwarding or ANY help then please come early

You can just listen if you wish by using Teamspeak. You do NOT need Steel Beasts.
Teamspeak Download (windows):
Teamspeak  IP: , Port 9987

You can watch it live.  You do NOT need Steel Beasts. Stay tuned....

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