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Listened to the show last night.  Good discussion gents.

I'm a little confused at the logic of how being a gaming culdesac is a positive for wargaming however.

1:  I will now threaten to take B_C''s equipment away from him.  Drive to the toasty Southwest to do it if I must.

2:  @Bison:  Something I've been thinking about a lot.  Folks have wrung their hands about where war gaming is going, especially the groggy kind, for years.  I think that was always based on a false apprehension, viz., that to be a vital part of the entertainment scene, we had to go back to the days of Avalon Hill and SPI and to sell the sorts of numbers and have the sort of cultural presence that particularly the former did.  Those fellows bought billboards for heaven's sake.  However big they really were -- my perspective is admittedly distorted -- the days of "big wargaming" are over.  Origins (once a wargaming con), GenCon (once sort of a wargaming con), Essen, UK Games Expo, &c., have given us more or less space -- usually less -- but even at Origins "Cool Stuff, Inc." didn't bring a single war game to sell on their discount racks like they did last year.  Please understand that I didn't want this to be the case, but PCs, consoles, and, yeah, lighter boardgame fare has sucked the air out of the room.

So, we are where we are, but, rather than collapse to sackcloth and ashes, I choose to be pleased by the fact that ConSim Expo does as well as it does and publishers like LnL, Fliying Pig, Compass, OSS, OSG, and even some interesting foreign interlopers have thrived in an environment made possible by rapidly-declining printing costs, the internet, crowd funding, and a few other factors as well.  I am very curious to see how long this all endures -- does OSG survive Mr. Zucker's inevitable passing, for example -- but I'm selfish enough to say that I've got games enough to play for more than my lifetime.

Easily the most interesting case in all this is GMT where groggy games are getting bustled to the back of the queue by gentler, more euro-centric designs.  The influence of the euros on this company is evident and logical..  It now appears, though, that the P500 has really become the P-better-get-closer-to-1,000 as mega-hits like TS and C&C:A crowd out the heavier stuff that has languished.

People drive into cul-de-sacs all the time.  They often find very fine things there.  Just don't expect the same kind of traffic and attention you'd get on Main Street.  That's reserved for Hanseatic traders making soldiers from wheat.



--- Quote from: Cyrano on July 10, 2017, 10:15:11 AM ---1:  I will now threaten to take B_C''s equipment away from him.  Drive to the toasty Southwest to do it if I must.

--- End quote ---


Interesting thoughts Cyrano thanks for posting.

Toonces & Mirth in this week's GrogCast for your weekend listening enjoyment


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