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Andy ONeill:
As it turns out Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo doesn't feel at all benign whilst you're suffering from it.
I'm now recovering from what was a completely disabling inner ear problem.
The anti-nausea drugs I've been on mean reduce the symptoms at the price of substantial side effects.
One of which is dizziness.
Far better than nausea though.

I sincerely hope you can restore to full health.keep safe!

Andy ONeill:
I'm getting there.
It's just a lot slower than I would have liked and my concentration is still "off".

To help get better the doctor prescribed a set of exercises.
These are called Brandt Daroff.

That process could well have been designed to torture someone with this complaint.
You're supposed to do 5 repetitions each side morning and afternoon.
When I started doing these I could manage 2 before I had to stop and lie still for an hour recovering.

I have a member of my church who suffers from the same condition as you, and it has been proven that this exercise regimen is obviously therapeutic, so please stick with it.

zu Pferd:
@ Andy O Neill

Take care Andy your health and welfare come first


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