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Re: Major FRIDAY (Coming Home)
« Reply #15 on: April 03, 2021, 10:14:21 AM »
Interesting. So the AI is improved over WitE 1?

Reforms lines and attacks flanks pretty well, of course i've just played the RTL scenario up to turn 5 a few times but you can see in the AAR's it's improved [check out Loki's AAR]and more so apparently when you jack up the settings. I'm a decidedly average player so i'll never jack up settings past normal. It just plays well and its a hell of an achievement to have a mostly clean release for a game this involved. I'll never be a min/max player but i do find myself digging a little deeper with WITE2 than i did with #1, some of that is the UI improvement. With WITE 2 i'm trying to be more about the journey than churning out turns, the planning takes time and i'm ok with that as i have fun with it. The historical dates on map are cool, it's nice to see if your achieving historical dates taking towns/cities. The decision points are fun to consider......which railyard do i send my planes to bomb to nerf soviet supply a bit. The AI assist feature seems to work pretty well helping in the logistics and air game if you don't want to dig deeper and just want to push counters. The in game wiki of unit history is pretty sweet, so i can learn as i lose :bd:
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Re: Major FRIDAY (Coming Home)
« Reply #16 on: April 03, 2021, 11:52:59 AM »
I never really played WITE 1 as I only picked it up for a song a month or so before WITE 2 released so I can't comment on improvements in the AI but I know the traditional goto xploit strategies in WITE 1 have been pretty much stopped because of the VP system and the increased importance of terrain as well as other aspects.

As a result the Soviets can't simply run away to the Moscow line with Rostov and Leningrad as the bonuses to the Germans in taking VP cities ahead of historical dates would cripple the Soviet cause and risk an auto victory for the Herman's in 1941 or early 42.

My experience with first turn air strikes is hugely variable and there is a definite trade off whereby big losses to the VVS is  often matched proportionately  with big operational losses to the Luftwaffe as a result of the higher intensity of their strikes.

Given the vital need to preserve Luftwaffe capability for later in the war a 7000 toll on the VVS is not necessarily a win win result.

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