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Oh I see. I assumed the reboot was involuntary after the green screen. If it was involuntary their is more of a chance a BSOD memory dump record would be left. I have never seen a green screen, so that may just not be showing the BSOD. Green screen might be a VR thing.

Upon doing a very cursory google most people seem to think green screen indicates a desync between picture source and destination.

I wonder if it is the display port cable. There are definitely different types of display port cables. I wonder if VR needs some insane bitrates.

Bandwidth Certification Levels
DisplayPort cables are primarily categorised by their bandwidth certification level. This table outlines the different certifications in more detail:

Transmission Mode   Bandwidth (Gbit/s)   Minimum Cable Certification Needed
RBR (Reduced Bit Rate)   6.48   RBR
HBR (High Bit Rate)   10.8   Standard
HBR2 (High Bit Rate 2)   21.6   Standard
HBR3 (High Bit Rate 3)   32.4   DP8K
UHBR 10 (Ultra High Bit Rate 10)   40   DP8K

All I know is that the VR headset worked fine with my 2080ti.

all of the bloatware that comes with it.

I just had the most outrageous discussion with HP Technical Support. I actually need to collect myself before I post about it.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: Good afternoon. I have a Reverb G2 and I have been having major problems getting it to run properly with my new system which has an AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900X 3.7GHz 12-Core, MSI B550-A PRO - ATX and AMD Radeon™ RX 6900 XT, 16GB of dedicated GDDR6. I've heard some G2's have had compatibility issues with AMD based systems and that new cords have been issued.
HP: No. I haven't heard anything about that. Did you check the minimum requirements?
Me: Yes. This system far exceeds the minimum requirements for VR <said in total disbelief>. When I plug the headset into the new system, I get a green screen, the display loses signal and the display driver is corrupted, requiring me to reboot in safe mode, run DDU and reinstall the drivers. Do you have anything to suggest in terms of troubleshooting?
HP:  The headset is probably not compatible with AMD.
Me: Excuse me, this is technical support, right?
HP: Yes.
Me: Are you telling me that the HP Reverb G2 is not compatible with AMD components? I find that shocking and incredibly hard to believe.
HP: Well, I'm just saying that because it just doesn't work with your new system, and since it worked with the old...
Me: I'm sorry. Do you have anything useful of a technical nature to suggest in order to troubleshoot this problem?
HP: <click>
Me: Hello?
HP: <dial tone>

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this.


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