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Wow. The HP tech person decided with a sample of one based on a few questions on behalf of all of hp and with no real testing that your specific build of very common computer components is incompatible. Then has the gaul to get woke and entitled enough to hang up on you when you give vent a little frustration. I wonder of the call centre is within country and thus if you took the issue up the chain the person would be held accountable and this clear failing in their organisation fixed.

Yikes, that wasn't a very helpful 1st level support.  I'd suggest trying again, and making sure you get a ticket number.

If I check the MSI support site, the B550-A Pro latest BIOS revision has the latest fixes from AMD regarding USB issues (April 12 2021).  However it is marked as Beta.  Might be worth a shot later on, perhaps search their support forums for any feedback regarding that revision.

Do you have another VR headset that you could hook up to this new pc - just to see if it has a problem as well or not? 

I saw the beta update for the bios and downloaded it, but did not flash it. I read that its really dangerous and should be used only as a last resort.

I am receiving the new gpu today, so Im done troubleshooting the current system. My fingers are crossed, but I will not be surprised in the least if I have the same problem with the new card. Pray for me.

New GPU arrived today and God damn it, so far its working! I will be shocked if the last two cards really were borked. Anyway, running it through the VR paces now. Solid performance thus far. No green screen, no artifacts, no signal loss. Fingers crossed, sacrificing virgins, drinking blood, etc.

Good to hear the replaced GPU solves the problem, enjoy!


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