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Hi all,

I was looking at the forums on this site and thought it was interesting and sharp.

I am a regular viewer of Matrix and Slitherine forums as well as occasionally the Blitz. I'm a member of WW2 for Gentlemen, an excellent and friendly Wargaming Club. I'm useless at computer wargames but have bought a lot of them. I've never played table top games, probably my loss. I love JTCS but recently dipped my toe into War in the West which I am slowly beginning to understand, perhaps.

I am fascinated by military history, despite having no military experience whatsoever myself. That is the reason for the above!!

OK, hope that's enough of an introduction.



Welcome, Rich!

greetings, and welcome!

truth in advertising:  we're weird, but that's a lot of our charm!  :D

Jump in and join the conversation!

Welcome aboard!

Though to expand on what BB said, there's layers of weird around here. Some occupy the bottom circles, others are more towards the top. So you're bound to find a niche in here somewhere.  O:-)

Though it is kinda crowded at the bottom layer.


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