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Hello and Introductions.

Started by Dave-in-NJ, June 20, 2015, 02:36:02 PM

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Hey All,

Name is Dave I'm in the Cranbury area of Central NJ.  I have a large collection of Table-top/Board/hex and Counter games (Rather proud at close to 500 games).  I have been Playing and Collecting games since the Mid 1970's.

Always looking for a Face-to-Face game - maybe we can meet at Gamers Realm to play...


Arctic Blast

Welcome aboard, Dave. Excellent...another board gamer added to the fold.  O0


Howdy, Dave!  Glad you could join us!
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Welcome, Dave! 500 games?!  :o
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Hi, Dave! Welcome to gamers anonymous.
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I know TheCommandTent is in NJ, but not sure how close y'all are.  He's also a schoolteacher, so he only pops his head up occasionally anymore.
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Sir Slash

Welcome Dave-in-NJ. Glad to have you with us here at the "House of Grogs" where opinions flourish, free-thought is in abundance, and the odd are overlooked-- most of the time.
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Welcome to Grogheads, Dave!  A pleasure to see you here. 

Quote from: Sir Slash on June 20, 2015, 11:26:11 PM
and the odd are overlooked-- most of the time.
Dude, we *are* the odd here!  The normal ones are terribly outnumbered...  :P 

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