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iron mike golf:
Brant gave me an assist in getting my account activated (Thanks again!).

I am active on the Matrix forum for Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm under the same name.

I started with board war gaming at 11 years old with Kriegspiel. In college, that really got out of hand (many, many SPI titles).

17 years in Big Army in the various flavors (and MTOE) of infantry (Ranger, Straight Leg, Airborne, Light, M113 Mech, M2 Mech). Lots of sims, there, of course. Currently addicted to FC:RS.

My handle is the last active duty radio callsign I had.

Akron, OH


Welcome, iron mike golf.

Sir Slash:
Welcome to the Grogs Iron Mike and thank you for your service. Looking forward to your posts.

Thanks for joining us and for your service as well!


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