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Hi guys,

I'm Craig, from 1A Games (www.1agames.com). I had the pleasure of meeting Doug, Jim, Vance, and the rest of the crew (I sincerely apologize for the names that I have already forgotten after two days) at Origins last week. I'd like to thank Doug especially for running some great games of Tide of Iron for us. I'm an old-time wargamer, having started with Ogre/GEV in the eighties, continuing with ASL, Wooden Ships and Iron Men, the GCACW series (Stonewall in the Valley, Roads to Gettysburg, etc.) by Avalon Hill and many more. My current favorite tactical games (besides the obligatory TOI) are World at War and ATS.

By the way, the monster staff exercise game on Friday night was magnificent!

Capn Darwin:
Welcome to the show Craig. Good to see you there and glad you enjoyed the staff exercise.

Welcome, Craig!  Sounds like a good time was had by all :)

Sir Slash:
Welcome Craig. Happy to have you with us. Anything to bend the sanity curve back up toward rational.

Mr. Bigglesworth:
Welcome Craig, if you met the guys at Origins, you can't be all bad. j/k


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