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Hi from Scotland

Started by Ryohei56, July 13, 2019, 03:26:25 AM

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Hi there. I'm Alan, from Fife in Scotland. I've been wargaming in various forms since the days of Sinai, Siege of Jerusalem and Fulda Gap. Then along came computers.

I mostly game in the Renaissance period, but anything Total War is always worth a go. In more modern periods, TOAW IV is my "go to" game, though Flashpoint Germany has recently been taking up disproportionate amounts of time.
That is, until I discovered Gary Grigsby's War in the West.

Now my dog has died, I lost my job and my wife has left me. Excellent - more gaming time! (Just kidding, my love - you'd leave the dog.....)


Welcome aboard, Alan.  It sounds like you will fit right in with this groups of historical curmudgeons.
Since you have an interest in Total War games, You should check out the multi=player thread in Computer Wargaming for the new Field of Glory.  If you like it, there will be folks who will be called away, so might be a chance to jump right in.
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Welcome! Just revisited TOAWIV myself. Wanted to invade Grenada and wasn't sure where else to turn.

Anyway, we love Scotsman around here. I'm presently trying to find someone to give me bagpipe lessons. Seriously.

Glad to have you aboard.
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Are bagpipes kosher?

Welcome to Grogheads, Alan!  Glad your wife and your dog are ok.  Sorry about your job.  Maybe you can find a way to monetize your gaming.  Or you can hang out here.  You won't get any work done, but, you'll know why it's a good idea we're all behind keyboards.  You wouldn't want to meet any of these nutjobs in person.  ;D
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Sir Slash

Welcome Alan to the Grogheads where Scotsmen, dogs, wives, and the unemployed are all welcome especially if they result in more gaming time. Love the TW series and TOAW 4 myself.  :hug:
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Metaldog, bagpipes are only kosher if killed and prepared in accordance with our strict dietary laws. Like haggis.

Jarhead, you might have trouble finding someone to teach you, and even if you do it can be expensive. A far cheaper way to produce a very similar result is to get yourself a long-tailed cat. Holding said cat by the tail, whirl it around your head. Instant bagpipe music! Or buy a Red Hot Chilli Pipers album, to see how it's really done (this method is more animal friendly as well).