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Before anyone objects to me calling you 'boys', that's a term of endearment from someone my age :)

Long-time wargamer, known on other sites, decided to expand my range. Mainly to help out a developer friend at the moment.

My thing is WW2 mainly, mostly old school wargaming, board gaming preferably, but I recognize that sometimes you just got to go digital.

I like games that have a realistic chance of being played on a weekend. It's not like I don't own a lot of classic monster titles though.

I'm not really a 'gamer girl' as that term is normally used. I don't play console games or online shooters or any of the mainstream products.

But I own ASL and digital World in Flames as well as the board game version.

And I'm ex-military. And no, I wasn't a secretary.

I have a son, thought you know, I'd grow my own wargaming opponent :)
Didn't work :) He's a writer like me, and loves science like me, no interest in wargames though. Oh well.

Welcome! So glad to have you join us. I certainly don't mind being called "boys", at my age just getting carded occasionally when I buy liquor is a thrill.

Based on your preferences, you've come to the right place. Many, if not most of us,  are old school wargamers and we've been kicking it for awhile. I cut my teeth on Avalon Hill boardgames in the sixth grade and I'm not alone. So don't be shy, jump into whatever threads catch your eye. Always glad to see new blood.   8)

I was trying to think if we had any mp games spooling up.  ??? There has been a renewed (perennial ;) ) interest in the COIN series game Fire in the Lake recently, which isn't a wargame like ASL of course -- more of a grand strategy.

The thread is here: http://grogheads.com/forums/index.php?topic=12201.msg317651#msg317651 It starts back in 2014! -- but it isn't long.

Welcome!  I met my wife gaming (RPGs).  She never had an interest in wargames.

Welcome...we're happy to have you onboard.


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