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Shamefully for me I have read the forums for a while but only recently decided I should be contributing too. So time to say hello properly.

I have a very long passion for military history inherited from my father as a kid. This extended into board games such as Avalon Hill. But after a long break with real life I was brought back to the idea of looking at wargames, this time on a computer by watching the BBC series Time Commanders which used the Total War engine to depict historical battles. I ended up spending an insane number of hours playing Gary Grigsby games - and am known on  for answering questions, AARs, organising co-op side games and so on for the games. And am now having fun on a number of projects related to wargaming without actually playing any!  :)

When I first heard of Grogheads I knew straight away just from the name that that would be the description of a place for people like me. And I regret having lazily just used forums from the developers of the software where I think they are better based independently. So I have resolved to spend a lot more time in future in Grogheads!

Welcome aboard! 

Welcome, Telemecus! 

Sir Slash:
Great to have you with us officially Telemecus. I too lurked long before coming out of the shadows before I learned, with this crowd, it's better to be in the light.  :coolsmiley:

Welcome, Telemecus!


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