Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Beta has Started

Started by RooksBailey, March 01, 2012, 10:37:20 PM

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Great news, Sinners!

QuoteSins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion BETA 1 Begins!
3/1/2012 4:18:53 PM

Stardock Entertainment and Ironclad Games are very pleased to announce the release of Beta 1 for all Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion pre-order customers!

This first beta will allow you to play as the TEC Loyalists or Rebels in either single-player or multiplayer via Ironclad Online or LAN. Also included in this first beta release:

    Updated graphics engine with self-shadowing ships, up to 16X anisotropic filtering and more.
    Updated weapon effects.
    All the new technologies and balance of the TEC factions.
    Construct the mighty TEC Loyalist Ankylon and TEC Rebel Ragnarov titans.
    The new TEC Corsev battlecruiser capital ship and Stilat/Shriken corvettes.
    Steam support for achievements, friends, game invites, automatic updates and more.
    New ship movement system and performance optimizations.
    and lots more!

If you've pre-ordered, watch your e-mail for your order receipt with your Steam CD-Key and download information. If you'd like to get in on the beta, head over to the Purchase page. For existing registered Trinity/Diplomacy customers the price is $29.95 for a limited time; for new customers it's $39.95.

Can't wait to give it a try.   :)
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It does look good, it will be another temptation that I must resist.
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I'm in on this. ATM, the distinction between stock and the new expansion is pretty low. They haven't activated a lot of the elements and the only playable side are the factions for the Terran group. Par for the Stardock beta - more will open up as months go by.
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