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World War II Europe to Release Dec 1st, 2014!!

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Based on the feedback we got from customers and the wargame community, we have finalized our plans.  We will release WWIIE on December 1st, 2014.

The game will be released without paper products for now, but will eventually have a registration card, Reference Card and Manual.  Cost of the game is $50 to download from Drop Box, and $10 for paper products when the game is complete.  Method of payment is paypal, check or money order.  No distributors until the full game is complete.

The Schwerpunkt web site will be modified to include these details soon.  There is no shipping and handling fees for download of the game from DropBox, just the $50.  Paper products will be sold separately at a later date, and will have a shipping and handling fee.

WWIIE has 51 scenarios now, and will eventually grow to 102.  The remaining scenarios will be made available through Schwerpunkt for free download to customers who have purchased WWIIE.  The game mechanics are complete, only the remaining scenarios need to be developed and tested.



PS The download from Drop Box is very easy.  When you supply me with an email address, Drop Box will notify you with a link to the area to where the WWIIEsetup.exe file resides and give you permissions to download.  Once the download is complete, then double click on the WWIIEsetup.exe file and it is a standard install from there.

Great news Ron!

Don't forget to put a link to the Schwerpunkt site in your sig line...  ;)

Thanks for the reminder, Staggerwing.  Done!

No screenies? More info please!  :coolsmiley:

Screenshots have been posted at

I also have some on the FaceBook page for Schwerpunkt PC Wargame



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