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Thanks for all the details, really have to say that you guys have provided a ton of details to help us potential buyers make our decision.  From what I read here, seems like I could likely overcome the UI and map movement issues so not as big of a concern anymore.  As for the FOW and not showing movement being by design, seems like an odd decision to not at least make it a user preference so both types of gamers could get what they want and probably get a few extra sales.  Even like it is, might be something interesting to try and likely wouldn't be the only reason I wouldn't purchase it.  I think it really comes down to now is if this game is too much of a monster for me to handle with potentially 100's of counters to manage.  Part of me says that sounds like fun and would keep me busy for a long time, the other part of me thinks I'll look at it and be overwhelmed and it will become shelf-ware.  Just a matter of which side of me wins the argument:)

Thought I would ask this question as well, even though might make me look stupid:)  I often see it mentioned that people are looking for a "Board Game" type game on the computer because they enjoyed board games so much and want that same experience.  In my life, I really only owned a couple of board games, but never really got to play them since people in my circle didn't play I just usually unboxed them set them up and awed at the great looking map/counters included.  So my question is, what is the excitement of playing a board game on the computer (besides having a computer opponent)?  Why do people like that better?  What about a game on the computer makes it a "board game" type game and how different then the other wargames on the computer?  Is it because you see the map counters and all the combat tables?  Or more than that?

I have to admit Spelk struck a chord with me in the fact I always wanted to play board games but just never had the opportunity so if this game really provides that atmosphere and its a good one, maybe a reason for me to try it.

Really, if I had a choice I'd play board games and not computer games. Over the years space, opponents and time became the killers of that dream.
Having the board game experience on the PC allows me to play when I have time, gives me an opponent who is always ready when I want to play, and doesn't take up any table space.

The "board game experience", for me, is being able to understand everything that is happening in the game. Most PC monster games now days include so much minutia that it's near impossible for the player to have an idea of how it all works together. To look at the counters and know exactly what they can and cannot do at a glance. To know what the combat model looks and acts like.
I'm not explaining this very well because I'm a bit rushed but here's more to it than what I've blurted out. 40+ years of board war gaming gives one a certain love for the "feel" of the game.

I concur on the "boardgame experience", I feel the same way.  It's about having control over the game by having to manually do everything involved with it.  I feel more connected to the game.  If I play a boardgame solitaire, I have to play both sides, which isn't optimal but if I play an opponent, then we are both engaged in the game and have to roll the dice, look up the odds, move the pieces, etc. 

I recall AGW/RGW being very much boardgame like - maybe more than any other pc game that I've played that had an AI.  I don't recall the FOW thing being an issue before; was it like that in RGW/AGW?  If so, I guess it's not that big of a deal because it didn't bother me when I wrote a review for AGW though it would seem that WW2E is a boardgame where you have to leave the room while your opponent does his moves and combat and then he tells you what he did and rolled once you reenter the room.  That's some heavy FOW (with a lot of trust!).


--- Quote from: GJK on January 19, 2015, 11:17:05 AM ---...  I don't recall the FOW thing being an issue before; was it like that in RGW/AGW?
--- End quote ---

It was the same in AGW, I never player RGW.

Thanks for the additional details to ponder.


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