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Quick note on Schwerpunkt/GrogHeads Hosting


Hey folks -

Just b/c some people have still been asking...

GrogHeads will not be able to host Schwerpunkt's website for them. 

We wish Ron nothing but success and will gladly leave the forums wide open for folks to discuss with him.  But we're just not really set up in such a way that we can host one specific company's site underneath our broader umbrella of stuff we do here at GrogHeads (and yes, that sounds a lot more grandiose than it really is...  :)) )

As soon as Ron finds a new home for the company, we intend to help point people his way, and hope that lively discussion about his games can continue here in the forums.

What we're not going to do is discuss our response, or our reasoning, or any of the details behind it, in public.  This was a management-team decision, and those discussions stay with us.  Please respect that.

Thanks, and grog on!


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