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Started by BanzaiCat, November 14, 2015, 01:53:07 PM

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I'm not much of a beer connoisseur. But in the last year or so, I've stepped up my game.

Used to be that I'd only drink maybe once or twice a year...on a cruise and at a Christmas party. But lately I've started to have wine and beer. I'm not overdoing it (unless you call about four drinks a week (beer or wine) "overdoing it") nor is this an AA cry for help. I'm just looking for your suggestions.

Here's my latest haul from H-E-B (our local grocery store, not sure if they're outside of Texas or not). I've had Dos Equis before - in fact I forgot I had a six-pack of bottles in the pantry already (oops, lol). But today I grabbed a six-pack holder and got these. I've never tried Guinness before and have always wanted to, so I've already placed it in the fridge for later sampling.

One beer I'm very familiar with is Not Your Father's Root Beer. 4.9% alcohol and one does a big guy like me, good. (Pretty good buzz in other words.)

What else would you guys recommend? I mean, something not local nor needing to be ordered online. The ones in my first pic, as I said, are from a local grocery store, though I've not heard of some of them and just kind of went eenie-meenie to pick them.  O0


What do flavours do you like in beer? Light coloured or dark? Clear or cloudy? There's a zillion ways to have it.

Me, I like hoppy beers, ie lots of hopps, like India Pale Ales. I also like cream ales like Kilkenny. On very hot days nothing beats an ice cold, like 3 deg C, Pilsner. Lagers are fer chugging to git drunk.

From your pic I've had Dos Equis... which I can take or leave, and Shock Top which I don't like at all. Don't like wheat beer in general, but Pumpkin does not belong in beer!

Not a fan of Guiness either, or any stout, but my wife is.

I love beer and love trying out new stuff... in my fridge right now is a Alt beer from down around Toronto. Copper coloured and slightly bitter. Good stuff.