Bavarian Potato Salad

Started by bayonetbrant, January 25, 2016, 10:22:31 AM

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from a friend

Bavarian Potato Salad

At least 3-4 lbs. of potatoes (premium gold potatoes)
2 beef bouillon cubes
½ cup oil
½ cup of white vinegar (I used white wine vinegar; it's a little milder.)
1 large onion
Fresh parsley
Salt and pepper

Cook potatoes with skins on until done. Let cool at little. Peel and slice potatoes very thin.
Add finely chopped onion and parsley and a little salt and pepper (to taste) to potatoes.
Dilute beef bouillon cubes in ¼ cup of very hot water. Add oil, vinegar, and bouillon mixture to potatoes. (If potatoes are cold, microwave until warm before adding wet mixture. This is very important.)
Add wet mixture to warm potatoes.
Mix all ingredients while warm.
Add crisp, chopped bacon if desired.

I used 5 lbs. of potatoes so I used more wet mixture. Potatoes should be very moist.
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