Introducing TASK FORCE ADMIRAL Vol.1: American Carrier Battles

Started by The_Admiral, October 11, 2019, 12:17:06 PM

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Chers Grognard(e)s,
Dear Grogheads,

After quite a few months of teasing and sweating, the time has finally come to unveil...

Most of you are quite familiar with this game already, as we have posted quite a few updates since last May. As such, this early tech demo might not impress you much, as it is made of a few shorter sequences you all know too well. Still, I think it is a pretty acceptable showcase of the work done so far, even though the reel being all about the tech, the actual gameplay shown in there is close to zero. :hide:

As you can see, beyond the eye candy and the tech under the hood, much – if not most of the work remains to be done. In that regard, I sincerely hope that we will be able to enjoy further the beautiful support the crowd in here has showed over the months. I would like to extend my particular thanks to MC for his invaluable help reviewing the contents of our website, now live and available at the following address :

We will try to maintain a regular devblog alive over there, the contents of which will find its way to this very topic in the tradition of our former posts (that one might still find in here). Still, smaller updates (small pics, sneak peeks, small gifs, etc...) will be posted on our new social media platforms on Facebook & Twitter. You might want to follow us there (and support us by growing the community! :hug:) by clicking on these banners:

Now the road is still long and the journey there is a hell of a trek (and that is still an optimistic thing to say), but I consider our team to be lucky to count you, ladies and gents, among our companions in arms of the first hour.

Thank you again for your support, and hopefully we will do what is needed and what is right not to disappoint you when the time to deliver finally comes.


Amiral & the Team.


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Our loins are more moist than the Pacific for this one!
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Wait, you named it after yourself?  ::)  ;)

Looking forward it. O0
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I for one welcome the advent of our new task force admiralords!  :bd: <:-)
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Oh damn! Oh damn! Oh damn!      I am waaaaay beyond moistened loins. :dreamer: <:-)


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FarAway Sooner

Quote from: SirAndrewD on October 11, 2019, 12:38:56 PM

Our loins are more moist than the Pacific for this one!
Andrew, you need to be more specific there.  The Pacific is a big place.

Are your loins moistened like a frigid Aleutian ice storm, or are they moistened like the rotting, fecund swamps of the Solomons?

I just want to make sure I get the intended imagery...


Quote from: Gusington on October 11, 2019, 12:38:44 PM
Good luck, Admiral!

If they manage to do even about 5% of all this it will be a fantastic game.


Wow, wow, wow!!!  :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Admiral, so happy to finally see this officially announced and a thread you can call you're own!  :)

Congrats again!