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Started by airboy, October 11, 2020, 03:19:32 PM

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My wife put on her tiara (really) for the Pampered Chef Cocktail Party we had last night.  The rep made heavy appetizers and my wife made many cocktails.

Her cocktail menu

Scotch; Domain de Canton
Ward Eight
Bourbon; lemon juice; orange juice; grenadine
Whiskey Sour
Bourbon; lemon juice; simple syrup

Bay Breeze
Light Rum; cranberry juice; pineapple juice
Spiced Rum Coco Martini
Spiced Rum; Godiva Liqueur
Limoncello Daiquiri
Light Rum; Limoncello; lime juice; honey syrup

Gold Tequila; pineapple juice; lime juice
Mexican Madras
Gold Tequila; cranberry juice; orange juice; lime juice

Vesper Martini
Gin; Vodka; Lillet Blanc
Nick and Nora Martini
Gin; Vermouth
Apple Pie Martini
Tuaca; Vodka; apple cider

Honey Whiskey Lemonade
Coconut Macaroon
RumChata; Coconut Rum; Kahlua; half & half

She got really bored during the lockdown, read cocktail books, and used me as subject for her cocktail experiments.

I had three martinis.  :)


How are you feeling today, the day after? The spiced rum coco martini sounds great.

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So you got plastered and bought a bunch of stuff you didn't need or want?  >:D  Sounds like a fun time  :))  I'm with Gus, that Spiced Rum Coco Martini does sound good  O0
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The Spiced Apple had powdered cinnamon and a cinnamon stick.  It was my favorite that was a new drink.

Actually, the party was really low key.  We had heavy rain from the storm.  There were six of us.  All of us have been buddies for at least 15 years.  We all drank cocktails, ate some really delicious appetizers and chatted.   One of the people who came we have not had a chance to catch up with in six months.

All of our guests drink regularly - and over 3.5 hours having two to four cocktails with food is not that much drinking.

The rep (also a friend) was happy to answer any question - but otherwise no sales pitches were made at all.  Nobody ordered anything at the party itself.

My wife and I will probably buy $500 worth of stuff to outfit the new kitchen - but we had $250 we would have ordered without the party.  If you host one of these, you get substantial discounts.  We are going to pick up a great slow cooker that works as a crockpot, pressure cooker, and steamer in a very compact package.  We were planning to get one of these before 2021 anyway and we are getting a much better model for the same price you can pick one up at Amazon/Target.

Sir Slash

Sounds like a great time. Spending the kids inheritance ahead of time is one thing I approve of.  O0
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