US Vets harvest and cook a rogue bison

Started by JasonPratt, October 18, 2023, 11:15:35 AM

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Or buffalo. I forget which. (And whether there's a distinction.)

But you're not just here for the cooking experience...'re here for the clone of Carl Weathers, too.

Also pictured: the Wheel of Pain.

"What?!" "The Wheel of PAIN." " are we gonna lift that?!" "Easy. With these." {flexes guns}

Incidentally, the three Guga channels are VERY good for cooking shows.
ICEBREAKER THESIS CHRONOLOGY! -- Victor Suvorov's Stalin Grand Strategy theory, in lots and lots of chronological order...
Dawn of Armageddon -- narrative AAR for Dawn of War: Soulstorm: Ultimate Apocalypse
Survive Harder! -- Two season narrative AAR, an Amazon Blood Bowl career.
PanzOrc Corpz Generals -- Fantasy Wars narrative AAR, half a combined campaign.
Khazâd du-bekâr! -- narrative dwarf AAR for LotR BfME2 RotWK campaign.
RobO Q Campaign Generator -- archived classic CMBB/CMAK tool!