Author Topic: it's Friday, what's going on your table this weekend?  (Read 10662 times)

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Re: it's Friday, what's going on your table this weekend?
« Reply #45 on: May 26, 2012, 05:58:58 AM »
DV8 - it's funny about 7 Wonders...  Bayonet Jr and I have tried to get my dad to play all manner of Euro-games with us.  He won't play the Carcassonnes, or London, or Dominion.  We got him to play Ticket to Ride, but I think that's mainly b/c he enjoys traveling, so it's a good fit for him.

However, we can't get him to stop playing 7 Wonders.  Non-stop.  On last summer's trip to visit family in Louisiana, he bought at least 2 copies for other family members.  Taught it to several of my younger cousins.  He was a total 7 Wonders evangelist for about a year there.  He seems to have calmed down some now, but that's still the first game he goes for as soon as we walk in.
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