Wanted- Uncommon Valor (Matrixgames)

Started by Toonces, February 28, 2021, 11:51:24 PM

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Hey all.
Many years ago I gave my copy of Matrix's Uncommon Valor to a Wargamer.com forum member; I don't remember his name anymore.  He had a baseball player as his avatar.

Anyway, I wanted to reaquire this game, only to realize that Matrix has discontinued it.

So, if anybody has a copy of the game that they are willing to donate, I would very much appreciate it.  If it's on disk or physical copy, I'm happy to pay for the shipping.  I have quite a few old boardgames and if you'd prefer I can trade straight up.

Thanks for checking this post!  Please reply if you're interested.
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I have at least one copy of the game. I tried to install it on a windows 10 computer but it doesn't run.