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7 Days to Die Multi-Player Grog Server
« on: December 13, 2015, 03:00:11 PM »
Now that Alpha 13 is up!!!

I set up a 7x24 server and welcome all Grogs. 

Find it as a modded server. The name: "Unofficial Grog Invitational".   

Password is "CambronneMerde!"

Zombies set to only walk, since I like a little more relaxed game....  60 min day/night cycle.

If you are level 5 or below, you will spawn into a 5 game hour safe zone.

If it does go down for some reason, it is on autoreboot, so in theory it will never be down for more than 20 min.

There is also a teamspeak server
also named Unofficial Grog Invitational, same pass.

Hope to see you there.  Of course likely we will never see each other....:)
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