Win 10 Screen Resolution

Started by zu Pferd, June 28, 2019, 07:14:47 PM

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zu Pferd

Hi Andy,
            this topic may have been touched on by Adreath  already, maybe not.
(I switched to Win 10 because of problems with Win-updates with my Win 7 platform)
The Map Editor window and Army Editor window, in Win 10 cannot be resized  or moved
and some features are not accessible as they are beyond the monitor edges.

I opened the property window for both editors and set "Run" to minimized instead of "normal window"
but it had no effect.

Best Regards

Andy ONeill

You want it to start maximised.
That way the window will fill your monitor and the content will adjust.
How well it copes will depend on your screen shape and resolution.

Create a shortcut ( lnk ) file for your exe.
RIght click and edit properties.
Click the shortcut tab.
On the run combo box, choose maximised.


There's a command line switch -Full
If you run any of the exe with a space then -Full  appended to the run command, it will start maximised.

zu Pferd

Thanks Andy,  I'll give it a try