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Started by Der_Panzer, January 16, 2020, 01:06:42 PM

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2x3+ Person Team Game [Edit: this first post is updated with rules and other changes]

Signup for a game of War Plan Orange with a team of three or more people for each side.

If you are interested in joining this team game please do feel free to message me.

The scenario would be the 1922 to 1926 scenario. The game version will be 1.205.

The idea is that both novices and more experienced players can be team members. It is not meant to be a coaching game, although if players are happy to do that that is fine. Generally though each player should have their own area of responsibility and succeed or fail by their own efforts. However it is an opportunity to see how others play from the same side and play collaboratively a side of War Plan Orange. Some things that are easy for a single player game to do are harder for a group, and that is part of the challenge.

As a wargame it should be approached by all in the spirit of fun.

Realism settings
Allied Sub Doctrin         - active
Japanese Sub Doctrin   - active
Fog of War                    - active
Advance Weather Effect  - active
Automated First Turn     - off
Reinforcement               - fix    (Discussable if -/+ 15 days setting or -/+ 60 days setting should be taken)

Team and Roles

The Japanese Team should be organized in this way:
- Supreme Commander (In command of the Home Defense forces and the overall commander for strategy)
- Commander of the Army (In command of all landbased forces except forces under the command of the Home Defense)
- Commander of the Navy (In command of all naval forces)

The Allied Team should be organized in this way:
- one Commander for the Forces of West Coast, North Pacific, Central Pacific, South Pacific, Southwest Pacific and Canadian Com + US and Canadian Naval forces
- one Commander for the Forces of Southeast Asia, French Indochina, China Com and Far East Front + British, French and Chinese Naval forces
- one Commander for the Forces of ABDA, USFEE, Australia Com, New Zealand Com and French Colonies + Dutch East Indies, Australia and New Zealand Naval Forces

Each team must have
- one Team Manager (who can also have one of the roles above and does not have to be the Supreme Commander): makes sure that the save file is with somebody to take their go, that there is no ambiguity whose go it is, and it is not left idle during their sides turn. When a player cannot take their go and there is no way to swap the sequence round for someone else to take their go, the team manager should arrange for someone to cover that players go for that turn. Their aim is for that team's turn to be finished as quickly as possible. They should also recruit replacements when a vacancy occurs.

Teams that opt for further ground commanders or other roles should take care to not unduly increase the length of the game as a result.

To start the game each team must have at least a different person for each Role in the team how is it written above.

If the team does not at least have a different person for each Role in the team how is it written above they must post they are looking to fill this vacancy and be open for another joining the team to fill these roles.

When teams have no vacancies and extra roles are not possible for those expressing an interest they will be added to the reserves list and invited to join when the next vacancy occurs.

A player vacates their place in the game when they say so, or if they have been incommunicado since their last turn and are not available to take their turn when it comes again.

Anyone who has played on one side cannot later play on the other side (they will know the other team's password and plans).

Sequence of Play

Play consists of each commander taking their go and uploading their save files at the end of their go to dropbox for the next commander in this sequence
1. Supreme Commander receives end of turn file from opposing team and takes their go at the start
2. Other team commanders take their go in an agreed sequence, if necessary altered by the team manager to make sure there are no idle periods
3. The end turn button is pressed for the end of turn save and the result is uploaded to dropbox for the other side to take their turn

All players should be members of and upload their end of go saves to a single game dropbox and use a common file name schema (e.g. "2x3+010-Japanese.02 Army finished" where 2x3+ is the name of the game, 10-Japanese would be the turn number-side, 2 the go for that side during the turn and the last part their description of the go). Players of the other team will be able to see the progress but not open the files without the password.

Time: Commitment and Pace

Experience from the other team game is that when teams are doing OK each side takes a week to do a turn. The fastest has been two days, the longest many weeks. Turns get quicker when there are no team changes, and are likely to be quicker during less intense turns say. However even with quick players the multiple handovers do make the game slower. Players will have to accept this, but should endeavour to not unnecessarily lengthen the game and take responsibility not to leave it idle while others wait.

Realistically this means at the start you are only likely to have the save file to take your go for an evening or two every two weeks. You can spend as much or as little time as you like outside of this to think about and plan your go, write AARs, strategise with team members, trashtalk the other side or engage in any other type of role play. But if your only interest is "pushing the units" and you are frustrated by this pace you should not consider this as your main or only game. On the other hand if you are not able to commit to a full on solo game against someone else this could be ideal.

Also this pace, even if it accelerates, means the end of the game will be a long way off. This means it is more suited to someone interested in the tactical play turn by turn, the team colloboration, or even the results by the end of each campaigning season. It may not suit someone whose main interest is in seeing a win or lose screen at the end of 1600+ turns. On the other hand it does mean you are not individually obliged to stay with the game until the end. You can just play to the end of a campaigning season or even just a couple of turns to cover between one player leaving and another joining. All that is asked is that you are upfront about your commitment to your team mates and give as much notice of leaving as possible to allow a replacement to be found.


Players must be contacted by email if they are expected to read the messages. An updated email list of all in the game will be provided to all in the game. Additionally there are discord channels available for communication between and within the teams - others not playing in the game may observe. The link to join the wargamers discord on which the game channels are hosted is https://discord.gg/U6DcDxT and all lurkers are welcome to join as well.

Teams may agree to write an official AAR. The publicity from AARs can help to recruit new players to replace those leaving the game.

Future changes

Once the game has started rules can be amended or added to when there is no objection by any of the current players of the game. Rule changes must be posted in this thread so that future joiners of the game can know them.

How to join or express interest

Feel free to contact me, Alexander if you are unsure or still considering it do feel free to post so here or PM me.
Feel free also to ask any questions. If you want to contact my via discord I am Alexander Schraml#3769.

Yours faithfully,


Gary Grigsby Discord https://discord.gg/ME6af8c

Tutorials for War Plan Orange: