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Started by wilycoyote, February 25, 2020, 05:06:18 PM

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Apologies if this has already been raised - new here - but when using the beta I have found that the "save as" instruction is currently being ignored and the file simply saves to the default folder in local apps.

This is part of a general frustration with the files for the application being scattered after installation.  The main files are in "program x86 but backgrounds , maps and work folders seem to be defaulted to hidden local apps folders - I habe been able to view these using the command window.

Of course I understand this is only a beta version of what looks to be a very promising piece of work, but it is the thing the user sees and has to work with

By contrast the Army Editor seems to place all its folders etc correctly in the one location

Andy ONeill

Save file locations are prototypical at the moment.

You should be able to pick a name but not location.

The intention is they will be in a standard location in order to be found later.
Bear in mind person A can build a scenario.
That references two army files and a map file.
This has to be in a standardised folder structure or it's going to cause problems.
Say i build that scenario on my computer and i decide to save my map on a share i have access to: \\andyServer\$d
I arrange a game with you.
I send you the files.
You then find you can't open the scenario.
You aren't on my network so you don't have an andyserver with a share on it.
Which means references to component files have to be based on file name with an abstracted standardised location.

Hence, maps have to go in a standardised map folder. Armies in a standardised army folder... And so on.
Appdata was chosen because it's the place to put data files for a given application and it's always going to exist.
We may need to reconsider exactly how this works for steam integration and possibly then make where each folder is configurable.