Author Topic: (IN PROGRESS) King Grogspocalypse III: Wars of Religion [Dominions 5]  (Read 3617 times)

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Re: (IN PROGRESS) King Grogspocalypse III: Wars of Religion [Dominions 5]
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We're a-go!  Good luck everyone!   :knuppel2:
It makes no difference what men think of war, said the judge.  War endures.  As well ask men what they think of stone.  War was always here.  Before man was, war waited for him.  The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner.  That is the way it was and will be.  That way and not some other way.
- Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian

If they made nothing but WWII games, I'd be perfectly content.  Hypothetical matchups from alternate history 1980s, asymmetrical US-bashes-some-3rd world guerillas, or minor wars between Upper Bumblescum and outer Kaboomistan hold no appeal for me.
- Silent Disapproval Robot

I guess it's sort of nice that the word "tactical" seems to refer to some kind of seriousness during your moments of mental clarity.
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Heh heh heh...
Post some pics and anecdotes. Make it a spectator sport.
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