Started by Andy ONeill, May 23, 2021, 11:01:23 AM

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Andy ONeill

Currrently, a place always has a name, which is a piece of text.
If you allocate it Victory Points (VP) it also gets a coloured background indicating which side "owns" it.
You also get a fancy plaque which shows you the number of VP it's worth.
The centre is the specific point you need to move over in order to "take" ownership of that Place and score those VP.

All of which is great until you have several near each other of you want to work out exactly where to move to take the Place or just need to take a look at the terrain these things cover up.
You can turn them off entirely but the fact you'd likely want to means the design can be improved.

The current design looked like it was going to work but causes some issues in practice.
Time for a re design.

We need to put those Places on a diet and slim em down.

Most of this is pacticularly applicable for for those which have VP allocated.
I'm going to show the name - the text.
No coloured background.
No plaque.
A marker for the central point will be added.
I'm considering allowing the user to position the name separate to that point.
Allow you to move it around to the side, above or below.
And probably also rotate it.
Hence say a river name could be down the length of a river.
A road name could be along a road.
Allowing you to choose where that text goes will also then support places to the extreme left or right edge of a map.

We need some way to indicate the VP and ownership.
I'll add another panel holds a list of places which have VP allocated for this.
I'll probably also add a mouseover effect on the place name.
That'll highlight the entry in this new panel and make the point marker light up with a background colour briefly.